Waves of hope

Were, once, the soaring hopes that came
And briskly hit the shore
Are, now, the hopeless waves of shame
With a soaring roar no more

Were, once, the waves that hit the shores
Like lights that sprang out of shadows
But the sea of dark it, now, adores
And, hopelessly, back to the ocean it goes.

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.


  1. Hehe..I think teachers are all kinda same, but you dont get to hear tat truth from a teacher to a student right😜 well…guess your pre boards are reaching too soon.. sorry to remind u f dese disasters😜 but keep penning 🥰🥰 take care.. stay blessed n happy 🤗⚘

    Liked by 1 person

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