Why wish to bathe in fire and dust?
Why feed the war with insatiable lust?
Oh, I did the same
And here I lay,
Grasping onto my final breath
As I gift myself to the earth beneath

No sooner will I plunge into mud and soil
Wrapping myself in a tunic of turmoil
I waged a war through blood and toil
And now I lay in the very soil
Hopeless; breathless,
In the brink of my life,
In the very soil that I chose to spoil

I’m a demon to these souls above
And just the same to the soil below
Heaven or hell wherever I go
A demon is what I will be
Pure darkness will be what I see

Yet, when I leave what remains of me,
A heartless devil’s withered body
Will be held in guard by the very soil,
The very soil that I chose to spoil

No sooner will I be buried under
I- Wrapped in a tunic of turmoil
But my troubled soul shall ever wonder
In which war
Was my wisdom
Buried into the soil?

©️2020| The knight of the pen | All rights reserved.


    1. Thank you! Yes, the government starts the quarrel and fight. But who gets their hands filthy? Who mercilessly kills thousands? Who endures chaos and bloodshed? Who plunges forward with a raging troop to attack?Government? Or the commander of an army?

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