In between

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say,
Every crushed hope shall be born again,
That sorrows and miseries would soon fade away,
But how, I wonder, a clear sky would shed rain.

Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass
Say passersby, those that I meet
But do I stand different with choices amass
Watching rising waves that crash at my feet?

Alas! A hopeless search is it not?
A pleasant journey to find, that’ll lead me ahead,
Would one backward glance save me from rot?
All passers, Indeed! It will, they said.

And all beginnings foresee an inevitable end,
Unwithered, they said, you’ll find grasses green,
But how certain are they when they meet a bend
That they’ll know how to fill the “in between”?

©️2020|The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.


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