He’s been waiting for long, but waiting for who?
Wandering lonely as a desolate cloud
Thoughts running deep and hopes running high
Will ever he cry his sorrows aloud?
What is the dispirited boy to do?

A ball in one hand and a glove in the other
Facing the cemented wall does he stand
The ball and the wall is all he has for his game
Will ever the desolate boy understand?
Will he get a chance to play with another?

For a game of catch, the wall just might be the same
He gets to throw the ball and even catch it back
But is a cemented wall same as a joyful soul?
Doesn’t the ball hit the wall and, simply, bounce back?
Do each of the two play equal part in the game?

Perhaps, he just feels so and isn’t lonely after all,
All he has to do is try to make a good amend
Or chances are there that he’s really desolate
Where the wall might be his only true friend
Or, perhaps, his only friend is just like the cemented wall

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

I wonder…

Mangoes come from mango trees
On a thought, now, do I dwell
And an apple tree gives red apples
And, sometimes, green as well

Will a banyan tree give banyans, then?
Or a money plant give me money?
Will I find my newest Valentine date
Falling down from a date palm tree?

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Sailin down

‘It’s sailin down, it’s goin down
Bring it back up, Captain Brook!’
Left in awe by what she saw,
Shrieked Mary, the Irish cook ;

‘Don’t throw that little frown on you
This ship won’t dare to sink
Leave that thought and do your job
Go fetch me an icy drink’ ;

‘Grab a wine for yourself too
And just be calm and quiet
Feel the breeze and look around
Have a silent sailor’s sight! ;

‘It’s goin down!’, she shrieked again
‘Just bend and have a glance
It ain’t your ship that’s goin down
Oh, please pull up your pants!’

©️2020|The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.


Gather up, gather up, whatever you need
To make a perfect Thanksgiving feed
Mommy and daddy with daughter and son
All go to their parent’s to have some good fun

Take one big turkey and a quarter of butter
A large bunch of fresh thyme will make it better
Half spoon of sadness and a pinch of hesitation
Joy’s out of stock in their short family vacation

Let the temperature rise and the oven preheat
Before you stuff in the freshly brought meat
Comes in little problems that need to be solved
But, slowly, into happiness, it would soon be dissolved

Sprinkle some salt and then sprinkle some pepper
Let the fresh turkey heat a little bit further
Fights and quarrels, now, slowly arise
But to make things more worse, these fights won’t suffice

Open the oven and bring out the turkey
With a tasty food before you, here ends the recipe
All family members begin to cherish and sing
And happily, happily ends Thanksgiving

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Dad’s disaster

Said Mom to Dad,
“Don’t make me mad,
Wear that plaid shirt,
It won’t look bad” ;

“Alright!” Said he,
“Don’t yell at me,
I’ll put effort,
What comes, let’s see” ;

Half asleep,
He inhaled deep,
He wore the shirt
Which he bought for cheap ;

As a witty little teen,
I knew dad was not lean,
I was laughing at him,
To look good, did he preen ;

The result came after,
I ended up in laughter,
Mom also chuckled,
As we saw Dad’s disaster ;

He slowly exhaled,
His sole mission had failed,
A button flew off
And another had sailed ;

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

A play with proverbs

A drowning man will clutch at a straw,
To get out of the pool, he’ll make a rush
‘Cause, once, he swims and escapes out,
He’ll use it to drink an icy slush ;

An empty vessel makes much noise,
If it doesn’t, then, you’re in luck
But I’ll tell you what is even more noisy-
It’s my rumbling and starving stomach ;

Barking dogs seldom bite-
It’s really true and not a deceit
But I’m sure they will bite you soon enough
If you forget to give the dogs a treat ;

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,
Good things won’t come ahead
But rather use your second choice-
There’s another hand instead ;

Every cloud has a silver lining,
I will tell you no more or less
I know that it’s really shiny and bright,
‘Cause I’ve also seen it in my mommy’s dress ;

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

O’ dear mother

O’ dear mother who gave birth to two,
If a hungry lion comes to eat you,
Quickly, escape with your favourite child,
And just leave the other one back in the wild ;

O’ dear mother who gave birth to one,
I’ll tell you what to do before you run,
Grab your only child and don’t even bother
To look back behind and save his father ;

O’ dear mother who gave birth to none,
This is the time from when you’ll have some good fun,
Slowly and quietly, you try to escape and-
Then, once, you are safe, just push your husband ;

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Lucky husbands or fathers or little children…

After reading this, you might be, now, scared of dyin’

So, you better learn sooner how to tame a lion”

A comb story

Once upon a time, I was chased by a cop
For squeezing myself right into a shop
Strangely, he noticed my neigh and gallop
Which, after a while, turned into a hop

I took out few dollars and gave him a two
He left right away without leaving a clue
I pushed all aside who stood in a queue
And landed a thought that I broke out of a zoo

Inside the shop, here and there, did I roam
Desperately searching for a newly made comb
Made out of plastic but lined thinly by chrome
I found it and bought it and brought it back home

I ripped-off the packet slowly with care
Such a comb which I bought is completely rare
But I found my dearest mother angrily glare
That’s when I realized that I was bald with no hair

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

If ever you wonder who’s Aadarsh

If ever you spare your precious time,
If ever you wonder who’s Aadarsh,
Just think if you’ve noticed a boy sublime,
Who’s too lazy at night to get up and brush ;

If you find a little boy playing with a toilet’s flush,
Try talking to him; He might ask you to hush,
If you’re a nice girl, then, you might be his crush,
Show him your cute face and notice his blush ;

If ever you spare your precious time,
If ever you wonder who’s Aadarsh,
He stuffs random words just to make a poem rhyme,
I think you have found him; Yes, I am Aadarsh!

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

First flight

I’ve been longing to crack the uncrackable shell,
Longing for long to face my fears,
I’m ready to see the heaven or hell
That could bring me joy or terrible tears ;

But as lost as a pin in a heap of hay,
Now that I cracked my only way out,
There’s no one to ask, ‘Are you okay?’
As a lonesome hatchling, in vain I do shout ;

I said I was ready to face my fears,
But I don’t have my mother to cuddle me right now,
There’s not a single soul to wipe away my tears,
To move ahead, I just don’t know how ;

Well, I guess I’m supposed to close my eyes,
Fall from the cliff and wait for it,
But as I keep every step, my heart defies,
To take my first flight, I think I’m unfit ;

In vain and pain, I trudged forward,
I shook my feathery wings in fright,
To the edge of the cliff, reached this little bird,
With tons of hope, I went for the flight ;

My eyes were closed; it was completely dark,
I flapped my wings up, down and up,
My very first flight did I embark,
And that put some sugar in my teacup ;

For it was too bitter, with fear and pain,
But now it turned so sweet,
To fly by my way, I won’t fear again,
I bet I won’t retreat ;

I’d been longing to crack the uncrackable shell,
Longing for long to face my fears,
I was ready to see the heaven or hell,
And that brought me joy after terrible tears ;

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.