I have a dream…

Dreams are the clouds through which we yonder…

Through which we wander…

Searching for success…

I have a dream…

I have a dream
A dream of what I wish to be
I have a dream
Someday, which I want to see

I have a dream
Which I want as reality
I have a dream
A dream of pure democracy

I have a dream
To stand high among nations
I have a dream
To haveĀ  great patience

I have a dream
To overcome my fears
I have a dream
To wipe away all my tears

I have a dream
To try and try till I win
I have a dream
To stay strong like a can of tin

I have a dream
To admire the beautiful tree
I have a dream
Of my thoughts- to be free

I have a dream
To try, try and try
I have a dream
To never ever cry

I have a dream
To be brave and staunch
And all these dreams
In the world-to launch



To the mightly Kings

I ask why…


I see the group of armed men
I see the pack of loaded guns
I see that on a count of ten
Here and there, the soldier runs ;

I see the soldiers strong and bold
When the war is about to start
But later find them weak and cold
In the end of the battle part ;

Why such a bellicose fight?
Why in such a rage?
Does this wretched plight
Of yours- prove your heroic courage?

When you favour blood and war
A dreadful fight is what you seek
There is nothing as dreadful as it for
It makes your life bitter and bleak..


The change I saw…

Sometimes seeing things change and turn good brings immense pleasure, joy and most importantly, a satisfaction…

The change I saw…

That day I saw fire and dust
A world of greed and great mistrust
I saw a world of loathe and scorn
I saw that world worn and torn

Now I see it free from stress
I see a world no more a mess
A world of trust, love and care
A world which no more I despair

That day I saw fire and dust
But now, I see love, care and trust

Harmony, not strife…

Fights do happen in life…

But war ain’t the solution to it…

Harmony, not strife…

O’noble king and queen
Why in rage for war?
Ain’t it enough what I’ve seen?
A chaotic world so far

O’noble king and queen
Why such loathe and scorn?
Ain’t it enough what I’ve seen?
A world my heart must ever mourn

O’noble king and queen
Ain’t harmony better than strife?


Wretched by the beast…

Every perspective has its own meaning…

Wretched by the beast…

It seems like a mountain trek

When I climb up the endless wall

From time to time I have to check

That my men behind do not fall

It seems like a tough voyage

Climbing and falling again and again

Yet, comes that beast in rage-

He makes me crawl in terrible pain

I work so hard and tirelessly

I lead my troop safe back home

Yet, that beast comes heartlessly

Wrecks my home and makes me roam

Life seems like a rough terrain

This brutal beast!- I despise

His enraged vigour would never refrain

Oh! He shows his cruel eyes…

~ Aadarsh Ram

What meaning do you find?

Two sides of a coin…

When there is a win
There’s always a loss
When there is an intern
There’s always a boss…

When there’s a lion
There’s always a deer
When there’s success
There’s always failure…

Never do worry
Enjoy your day!
Life is like a game
Go enjoy and play…


Loss and win…

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Don’t worry about that
Just let your mind loose

Sometimes there’s a reason
Sometimes there is not
Never worry about it
Don’t let your brain rot

Sometimes things may turn
Upside down…
And when they do…
Never worry! Never frown!


On a poet’s mind…

With a paper and a pen
Here and there, I roam
What happens then?
I write down a poem

Will it turn fine?
Or will it turn bad?
Will it make me whine?
Or will it make me glad?

With a paper and a pen
Here and there I roam
What happens then?
I hope for a lovely poem…

~ bard_incognito

The fun starts now…

King and Queen fight with men
While The Bard fights with his pen
With sword and shield does a soldier roam
While The Bard roams with his lovely poem…

The time has come!

Every form of art can be expressed with divine beauty and elegance. There is no form of art that cannot be left unappreciated and poetry is no exception.

It is time for me to let my views off to the world through one of the wonderful form of art- Poetry!

The fun starts now…