Forgive and flee

Here, lay my friend upon this bed,
His naked soul, now, frozen dead.
In his sunken eyes, oh, what I see,
Oh, what I see,
His hopeless hopes forgive and flee.

Amongst these whistling winds that blow
His silenced screams, along, do flow.
I touched his ruins and stood aghast,
His naked soul’s, now, lone at last.

Perhaps, he’d reached a turning tide
And wished to see the other side.
A step to see tomorrowland,
And feel his feet touch a new sand.

Will soon, my friend, his life bygone,
Plunge forth to seek his awaiting dawn,
But I wish to meet him one last time,
But I wish to meet him one last time.

©️2020|The knight of the pen|All rights reserved.

Autumn Fall

Amanda dear,
Now, listen to me,
Lend me your ear
And hear my plea

There are thousand leaves,
Which you may see,
That unfastens free
And leaves a tree

The alarming fears,
As the fall nears,
You’ll notice it
Turning into tears

But, you must understand
That the leaves would fall,
No matter what,
In the Autumn fall

Just like the leaves
Lives end the same
But, why, Amanda,
Should you hold the blame?

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Hey, there! It had been a great surprise when I heard that this poem had won “the penable award!”

I had given a try to H.R Phoenix’s Thursday poetry challenge and here I am with an award! (Yayy!)

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