In between

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say,
Every crushed hope shall be born again,
That sorrows and miseries would soon fade away,
But how, I wonder, a clear sky would shed rain.

Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass
Say passersby, those that I meet
But do I stand different with choices amass
Watching rising waves that crash at my feet?

Alas! A hopeless search is it not?
A pleasant journey to find, that’ll lead me ahead,
Would one backward glance save me from rot?
All passers, Indeed! It will, they said.

And all beginnings foresee an inevitable end,
Unwithered, they said, you’ll find grasses green,
But how certain are they when they meet a bend
That they’ll know how to fill the “in between”?

©️2020|The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Oft I’d wonder how’d it be if I had chosen shore o’er sea

Oft I wonder how’d it be
If I had chosen shore o’er sea
Perhaps, if I’d opt not to flee
Would I’ve had felt the joy and glee?

Oft I’d thought how sunken deep
I’ve reached to fail a mighty leap
As, into dark, I slowly seep
The blinding sea puts me asleep

Perhaps, if I had chosen shore
I’d have got to feel the sandy floor
And see the mighty sun that soars
What but that would I want more?

I’d lift my head and look up high
The blissful blanket of the sky
But no! I’d kissed the shore goodbye
And in oceans deep I chose to hide

Oh, so oft, so oft, I’d wondered
I’d wondered how it’d be
How’d it be if I’d chosen
The shore o’er the sea

©️2020| The knight of the pen|All rights reserved.


Why wish to bathe in fire and dust?
Why feed the war with insatiable lust?
Oh, I did the same
And here I lay,
Grasping onto my final breath
As I gift myself to the earth beneath

No sooner will I plunge into mud and soil
Wrapping myself in a tunic of turmoil
I waged a war through blood and toil
And now I lay in the very soil
Hopeless; breathless,
In the brink of my life,
In the very soil that I chose to spoil

I’m a demon to these souls above
And just the same to the soil below
Heaven or hell wherever I go
A demon is what I will be
Pure darkness will be what I see

Yet, when I leave what remains of me,
A heartless devil’s withered body
Will be held in guard by the very soil,
The very soil that I chose to spoil

No sooner will I be buried under
I- Wrapped in a tunic of turmoil
But my troubled soul shall ever wonder
In which war
Was my wisdom
Buried into the soil?

©️2020| The knight of the pen | All rights reserved.

Waves of hope

Were, once, the soaring hopes that came
And briskly hit the shore
Are, now, the hopeless waves of shame
With a soaring roar no more

Were, once, the waves that hit the shores
Like lights that sprang out of shadows
But the sea of dark it, now, adores
And, hopelessly, back to the ocean it goes.

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Autumn Fall

Amanda dear,
Now, listen to me,
Lend me your ear
And hear my plea

There are thousand leaves,
Which you may see,
That unfastens free
And leaves a tree

The alarming fears,
As the fall nears,
You’ll notice it
Turning into tears

But, you must understand
That the leaves would fall,
No matter what,
In the Autumn fall

Just like the leaves
Lives end the same
But, why, Amanda,
Should you hold the blame?

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Hey, there! It had been a great surprise when I heard that this poem had won “the penable award!”

I had given a try to H.R Phoenix’s Thursday poetry challenge and here I am with an award! (Yayy!)

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