Why wish to bathe in fire and dust?
Why feed the war with insatiable lust?
Oh, I did the same
And here I lay,
Grasping onto my final breath
As I gift myself to the earth beneath

No sooner will I plunge into mud and soil
Wrapping myself in a tunic of turmoil
I waged a war through blood and toil
And now I lay in the very soil
Hopeless; breathless,
In the brink of my life,
In the very soil that I chose to spoil

I’m a demon to these souls above
And just the same to the soil below
Heaven or hell wherever I go
A demon is what I will be
Pure darkness will be what I see

Yet, when I leave what remains of me,
A heartless devil’s withered body
Will be held in guard by the very soil,
The very soil that I chose to spoil

No sooner will I be buried under
I- Wrapped in a tunic of turmoil
But my troubled soul shall ever wonder
In which war
Was my wisdom
Buried into the soil?

©️2020| The knight of the pen | All rights reserved.

Mother dear

In search of you, shall come masses,
Come petty souls with deep desires,
And turn the world upside down, they shall,
Shall walk, in search of you, through fires,
Through woods and caves and mountain passes ;

Come shall those souls in search of you,
Those souls mislead in a quest for gems,
‘Cause, like gold and diamond, you’re too precious,
To call you worthless, the world condemns,
Like a pearl, you are, in the oceans blue ;

And to know that closely together, we’re,
Brings me a lot of joy and cherish,
You’re a precious gem, I’m lucky to have,
You and me, always, together in relish,
You’re far too precious, mother dear ;

In search of gems, shall come masses,
Come petty souls with deep desires,
And find that you’re the most precious gem,
Hence, shall walk, in search of you, through fires,
Through woods and caves and mountain passes ;

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

To my best friend

More than a stout man’s greatest wish
To, somehow, bend and touch his toes,
I’d always wished every single day,
For you to hear, what I propose

I love you more than a tasty snack
Which, surely, might be hard to believe
But, trust me dear, my love for you
Is more than the joy in a Christmas Eve!

More than a boy hates going to school
Or a mother who likes to shout
Or a little girl’s craze for tea parties
That’s how much I love you, no doubt!

As deep as an enraged tiger’s growl
Or a high school student’s sleep
Or a hungry baby’s long wailing
My love for you’s that deep!

©️2020| The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

What day’s today?

Once, Mom had stared at Dad and me
Two ferocious eyes, that I could see
She stared at every soul in the house
Even the scardey little grey mouse!

She kept on staring for a very long while
She stole away every single smile
With a deep long sigh, then, did she say
‘Does anyone know what day’s today?’

‘It’s my dear manager’s anniversary!
Oh!’ Dad said, ‘we should go, shan’t we?
What shall we gift? Wait, let me think
I hope his wife likes a dress of pink’

‘Wait’, I said, ‘Dad, wait a minute!
It’s the birthday of Timothy Britt
This time, there’s a huge party
I wonder how great that would be’

‘Purrr!’ Said the cat, ‘I know what it is
How will I forget this day, dear Miss?
Today’s the day you give me a treat
Give me that little grey mouse to eat!’

‘Squeak! Something, something I do see
It’s time’, said the mouse, ‘you let me free
Please do hurry and open the door
Let me escape from your dirty floor!’

Mom was sad and really mad
At me, the cat, the mouse and Dad
‘Oh, come on!’ She said, ‘What day’s today?
Don’t you know that it’s Mother’s day?!’

©️2020| The knight of the pen|All rights reserved

(P.S I know today’s not Mother’s day, but I thought of sharing it :))