No man can step in the same river twice.

You cannot step in the same river twice,

No matter you wish, at least once would suffice.

For the drizzle disappeared, the storms have come by,

Daylight is gone, and the leaves have turned dry ;


You did what you could not to stumble down,

But, sometimes, even the king has to give up his crown,

And agree to agree to nod and agree,

But never, but never, to err and flee ;

To tell you the truth,

It could really be tough

And sometimes the road might end up rough.

But, regardless of that if you choose to proceed,

And cowardly not to run away,

Dear, in the end, you shall succeed ;

But remember!

No man can step in the same river twice,

For it is not the same river and he is not the same man.

From mother,

To son.

In between

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say,
Every crushed hope shall be born again,
That sorrows and miseries would soon fade away,
But how, I wonder, a clear sky would shed rain.

Nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass
Say passersby, those that I meet
But do I stand different with choices amass
Watching rising waves that crash at my feet?

Alas! A hopeless search is it not?
A pleasant journey to find, that’ll lead me ahead,
Would one backward glance save me from rot?
All passers, Indeed! It will, they said.

And all beginnings foresee an inevitable end,
Unwithered, they said, you’ll find grasses green,
But how certain are they when they meet a bend
That they’ll know how to fill the “in between”?

©️2020|The knight of the pen| All rights reserved.

Oft I’d wonder how’d it be if I had chosen shore o’er sea

Oft I wonder how’d it be
If I had chosen shore o’er sea
Perhaps, if I’d opt not to flee
Would I’ve had felt the joy and glee?

Oft I’d thought how sunken deep
I’ve reached to fail a mighty leap
As, into dark, I slowly seep
The blinding sea puts me asleep

Perhaps, if I had chosen shore
I’d have got to feel the sandy floor
And see the mighty sun that soars
What but that would I want more?

I’d lift my head and look up high
The blissful blanket of the sky
But no! I’d kissed the shore goodbye
And in oceans deep I chose to hide

Oh, so oft, so oft, I’d wondered
I’d wondered how it’d be
How’d it be if I’d chosen
The shore o’er the sea

©️2020| The knight of the pen|All rights reserved.

Forgive and flee

Here, lay my friend upon this bed,
His naked soul, now, frozen dead.
In his sunken eyes, oh, what I see,
Oh, what I see,
His hopeless hopes forgive and flee.

Amongst these whistling winds that blow
His silenced screams, along, do flow.
I touched his ruins and stood aghast,
His naked soul’s, now, lone at last.

Perhaps, he’d reached a turning tide
And wished to see the other side.
A step to see tomorrowland,
And feel his feet touch a new sand.

Will soon, my friend, his life bygone,
Plunge forth to seek his awaiting dawn,
But I wish to meet him one last time,
But I wish to meet him one last time.

©️2020|The knight of the pen|All rights reserved.

Frozen ice takes time to thaw

Frozen ice takes time to thaw
But when it does you’ll end in awe
Unreachable up high it’s though
From mountains top it falls below
No sooner it shall blissfully flow

Will come forth soon the melting snow
A joyous melody it would owe
Frozen ice it was once though
But that was days and days ago
‘Cause frozen ice takes time to thaw
And when it does you’ll end in awe.

©️2020| The knight of the pen|All rights reserved.